Bloons Tower Defense 2

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Bloons Tower Defense 2

Play Bloons Tower Defense 2 Here comes the successor to Bloons TD 1. The gameplay has stayed the same but the Game has alot of new things to offer. Still the target of the Monkeys is to destroy the Balloons on their way to the exit of the levels. Each time an enemy reaches the exit your life points are getting reducted. The number of Towers has increased to 8. This means Bloons TD 2 offers 3 Monkeys more than the first part. The Road Spikes and the Monkey Glue are 2 of the new features. They are not really Towers they are obstacles which can be used to block and destroy the balloons on the road. Use them by dropping them on the position you want on the road. Be careful as the Road Spikes and the Monkey Glue will disappear after a certain amount of bloons have been destoyed or slowed down. The only real new Tower is the Boomerang Monkey. There are also new Balloon Units, some really challenging. This time there are 3 different difficulty levels. The prices of new towers, life points and the health points of the creeps are effected by the difficulty level. There are again 50 Levels to complete. Bloons TD 2 is not so easy to finish so you should better start paying now. If you have been able to complete the game the next one on the list is Bloons TD 3.


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